Wednesday, June 29, 2022
News Honda Will Launch a New EV Brand in China for 2022

Honda Will Launch a New EV Brand in China for 2022

Honda will launch a new brand dedicated to EVs in China

  • The brand will be called e:N Series

  • Honda will only launch electric, hydrogen or hybrid vehicles in China from 2030

  • The new models will be made in partnership with GAC and Dongfeng

Honda is getting ready to launch a new brand of electric vehicles in China for 2022 in collaboration with Chinese automakers GAC and Dongfeng.

Honda already had a joint venture with each of the manufacturers, which were called GAC-Honda and Dongfeng-Honda.

The new brand will be called e:N Series and it will unveil 10 models in the next five years which will all be built on a dedicated electric vehicles platform and they will use a new vehicle operating system.

The cars will be built in new assembly plants built by Honda and its partners in order to manufacture electric cars only. These factories are supposed to begin production in 2024.

Honda it self will only introduce electric, hybrid or hydrogen powered cars in China from 2030, but it will continue to sell existing gasoline vehicles there after this date.

Since China’s market for plug-in hybrid, electric and hydrogen vehicles is expected to reach three million sales this year, the company could increase its units sold in the country, which were at 1.6 million last year.

In the beginning, Honda will create a new space in each of its 1,200 Chinese dealerships dedicated to selling e:N Series cars, but the brand should gain its own establishments after its foothold on the market is established, although Honda has not communicated its plans on this subject.

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