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Advice How To Improve Fuel Economy in 5 Easy Steps

How To Improve Fuel Economy in 5 Easy Steps

There are plenty of ways to improve your vehicle’s fuel economy. These are the easiest.

If you’re trying to improve fuel economy and lower your vehicle’s gas bill, you will find hundreds of tips and tricks online. To be honest, we read through them and they are all useful and effective. That said, there are some that are more complicated or require too much of a dramatic change in the way we tend to use our vehicles.

Cleaning your fuel injectors or keeping your transmissions upper gear for a prolonged period of time will help, but there are much easier ways to reduce fuel consumption. Here are the 5 things we do when we’re trying to figure out just how fuel-efficient a vehicle we are reviewing actually is. Here are 5 tips to improve fuel economy quickly.

Keep Your Speed in Check

How to Improve Fuel Economy - Lower Your Speed
How to Improve Fuel Economy – Lower Your Speed

Speed is the number one factor in determining your vehicle’s fuel economy. You have probably noticed that your car or SUV uses less fuel on the highway than in the city and think that speed doesn’t matter, but that’s wrong. There’s less stop and go on the highway which is why fuel economy is better, but the difference between driving 100 km/h and 120 km/h is staggering. You’ll use about 20 percent more fuel at 120 km/h than you will at 100 km/h which can mean hundreds of dollars out of your pocket more every year. Follow the speed limit or stick close to it and you will lower fuel consumption.

Keep Your Vehicle In Good Condition

How to Improve Fuel Economy - Keep Your Vehicle Maintained
How to Improve Fuel Economy – Keep Your Vehicle Maintained

Those injectors we mentioned previous certainly do need to be clean. So does your air filter and your engine needs to be in top shape to function as efficiently as possible. In other words, maintenance plays a major role in improve fuel economy. A well-maintained vehicle will require less fuel. You also want to repair any damage that can increase drag.

Take All Of Your Unnecessary Accessories Off

How to Improve Fuel Economy - Remove Useless Accessories
How to Improve Fuel Economy – Remove Useless Accessories

Speaking of drag, leaving your roof box on all summer or keeping your bike rack attached to the back of the car won’t help your gas mileage. It’s annoying taking those accessories off all the time, but if fuel economy matters to you then it’s worth it.

Your Tires Matter

How to Improve Fuel Economy - Check Your Tires
How to Improve Fuel Economy – Check Your Tires

Tires are the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road. If they are in poor condition or not inflated properly, they will drag more and your engine will have to use more power to achieve the desired speed and fuel efficiency will decrease. Your tires need to be in good condition for your own safety, your vehicle’s handling and performance, and its fuel economy.

Windows vs Air Conditioning

How to Improve Fuel Economy - Windows vs Air Conditioning
How to Improve Fuel Economy – Windows vs Air Conditioning

Driving at lower speeds like in the city, lower your windows to cool the cabin. At higher speeds like on the highway, lowering your windows will increase drag and so you will want to switch to air conditioning if it’s hot outside. Keep it a middle or low setting to improve fuel economy.

You can also buy an electric or hybrid vehicle, of course.

“Saving fuel is something most people care about. Even buyers who purchase luxury vehicles will see improved fuel economy as an added benefit. We’ve seen many buyers opt for a T8 hybrid engine for that very reason”, says a sales rep at Van Herpt Volvo”.

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