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News Hurtan: Turning Jeeps and PT Cruisers into Neoclassic Customs

Hurtan: Turning Jeeps and PT Cruisers into Neoclassic Customs

Neoclassics live on

  • Spanish company Hurtan is transforming cars into classics

  • Company builds new panels with 1920s style

The neo-classic car industry is alive and well. And we’ve just discovered what might be one of the strangest, from a Spanish company called Hurtan.

Neo-Classic is the name for a modern car with vintage bodywork. Usually a pre-war style body with big pontoon fenders, narrow tails, and tall chrome grilles. The term was coined in the 1960s when Excalibur built a replica of a 1928 Mercedes-Benz on a Studebaker chassis, but there have been countless makes since.

What makes Hurtan so interesting to us is their choice of platforms. Most of these designs these days use a Ford Mustang or similar. Whatever they use, they use new cars currently in production. The Hurtan Author uses a Chrysler PT Cruiser as its base, with both convertible and sedan variants.

You can barely spot the Chrysler roots. Ok, you’ll immediately know that this was a PT Cruiser when it first left a factory. But Hurtan has reconstructed almost all of the bodywork. It has also upgraded the interior materials, though the designs are still very much early 2000s.

The Hurtan Vintage looks like a classic Rolls. But the heart of it comes from Jeep. One look at the doors and it’s immediately obvious that this is a Jeep Wrangler. On the other hand, that lets Hurtan give it a fully open roof, a feature that hasn’t been common in a hundred years.

Then there’s the Grand Albyacín. More of the same, but this time applied to a Mazda MX-5 as the original base.

Hurtan recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. The cars are currently offered through the factory as well as dealers in Madrid, Osaka, and Lanzarote. No word on pricing, but this much custom work can’t come cheap.


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