Thursday, February 22, 2024
News HW Electro Puzzle Electric Kei Van Hits the Big Apple

HW Electro Puzzle Electric Kei Van Hits the Big Apple

  • Puzzle wants to be first EV LCV in America

  • Production expected to start in 2025

A kei-sized electric van is coming to America. The HW Electro Puzzle would be the country’s first electric light commercial vehicle, and the company that builds it is looking at starting production in 2025.

The adorable Puzzle, made by HW Electro, made its debut at the Japan Mobility Show last month. But now the company has brought the Puzzle to New York City. HW Electro took the Puzzle for a drive around NYC to show off and gauge interest.

The Puzzle is just 3,395 mm long and 1,475 mm wide, making it an ideal runabout for hauling packages and other goods in a busy and crowded city. It’s shorter than a Fiat 500, but the box shape gives it maximum space for cargo.

Panels on the side and front open to reveal USB ports, AC power, and even an emergency first aid kit. All of the power ports are open to the public, which HWE says is part of its goals of “social contribution.” Which seems like a great idea in Tokyo, but might not work as well in NYC.

Electric range is expected to be around 200 km. That’s plenty for a last-mile delivery vehicle that isn’t designed for rural routes. The figure is an estimate based on other similar EVs in Japan, not an official one from the company.

The Puzzle will be part of HWE Car Lease in Japan. The company’s service there offers business EV leasing for as little as 9,800 yen ($90) per month. The Puzzle is ideal for leasing or vehicle share services thanks to its peg board-like interior that allows quick and easy reconfiguration.

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