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NewsHydrogen Refueling Stations in Denmark Are No Longer

Hydrogen Refueling Stations in Denmark Are No Longer

Everfuel, Denmark’s only hydrogen refueling station operator, discontinued its stations, effectively ending the country’s hydrogen infrastructure for cars.


  • Everfuel, the sole hydrogen refueling station operator in Denmark, announces station closures due to several challenges.

  • The shutdown marks the end of Denmark’s hydrogen infrastructure for cars.

  • The company’s new direction is focused on heavy-duty vehicles and green hydrogen production.


Everfuel, a pioneering hydrogen fuel company in Denmark, has taken a significant decision that impacts the nation’s green transport landscape. As the sole hydrogen refueling station operator in Denmark, Everfuel’s recent announcement to close its stations effectively means the country’s hydrogen infrastructure for cars has now vanished.

Revealed alongside its third-quarter financial results, this decision was driven by multiple challenges. The company faced technological hurdles, a noticeable lack of hydrogen-fueled cars in Denmark, and a scarcity of skilled personnel. Adding to these issues were complications in project management, delays from third-party hydrogen sources, supply chain disruptions, and rising operational costs. The slow pace of hydrogen vehicle adoption, coupled with limited access to capital in the prevailing market, further exacerbated the situation.

To safeguard its financial health, Everfuel is pulling the plug on these loss-incurring stations. Instead, they are redirecting their energies towards establishing a refueling infrastructure for heavy-duty vehicles. This strategic shift also emphasizes green hydrogen production, which aligns more with the EU’s sustainable policies.

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Despite being a relatively new player, founded in 2019, Everfuel had ambitious plans to build a comprehensive hydrogen production and distribution system across Europe, targeting heavy-duty vehicles. They’ve already initiated partnerships across several European nations, including Norway, Sweden, and Germany.

Jacob Krogsgaard, Everfuel’s CEO, conveyed his apologies for the disruptions this move might bring to their customers and employees. However, he reassured that the company remains steadfast in honoring its ongoing supply commitments.


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