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News Hyundai Adds the Grandeur to its Heritage Line

Hyundai Adds the Grandeur to its Heritage Line

Hyundai added another model to its Heritage line of concepts

  • After the Pony, Hyundai gave the Heritage treatment to the Grandeur, its first luxury car

  • The concept is an EV based on the Grandeur sold from 1986 to 1992

  • The styling blends traditional materials and modern cues

Hyundai made a big impression when it showed a completely modernised version of its original Pony back in April in a concept form and it has now doubled down by giving the same treatment to a first-generation Grandeur, its first luxury car.

The Hyundai Grandeur was an executive car sold in South Korea from 1986 to 1992 in its first generation. While the name was never used here, a subsequent iteration of the grandeur was sold in North America in the early 2000s as the Hyundai XG, the first luxury car from a Korean brand in the US and Canada.

Hyundai Grandeur Heritage Concept and Pony Heritage Concept | Photo: Hyundai

The Heritage treatment means the car uses an original bodyshell but its mechanical components and its interior have been gutted to be replaced by modern equipment.

On the outside, the Grandeur receives LED headlamps and taillamps very similar to the ones seen on the IONIQ 5, as well as satin finished brightwork instead of the original chrome.

Hyundai Grandeur Heritage Concept | Photo: Hyundai

The inside however, is entirely different. No component stayed the same, but the materials and the lighting contribute to create an atmosphere that is distinctly reminiscent of the 80s.

For starters, the seats are very modern in appearance, but they are trimmed in a dark red velour. The dashboard integrates two display screens side by side, similar to how Mercedes does it, but the steering wheel in front of its is of the same single spoke design that came with the Grandeur.

Hyundai Grandeur Heritage Concept | Photo: Hyundai

Bronze coloured accent lights in the upper door panels create the illusion of a wood appliqué and combined with the six square of lights that give the look of an expensive domestic light fixture, they emit a warm glow over the passengers.

Since this is a concept that is not intended to be sold, details surrounding its powertrain are minimal, other than it is an electric vehicle.

Since interest was very high in the Pony and the Grandeur seems to be equally popular, Hyundai might continue to highlight important models from its past in a similar way.

Hyundai Grandeur Heritage Concept | Photo: Hyundai

Hyundai Grandeur Heritage Concept | Photo: Hyundai

Hyundai Grandeur Heritage Concept | Photo: Hyundai

Hyundai Grandeur Heritage Concept | Photo: Hyundai

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