Monday, March 4, 2024
News Hyundai and Shell will Work Together to Expand California’s Hydrogen Infrastructure

Hyundai and Shell will Work Together to Expand California’s Hydrogen Infrastructure

Hyundai continues to support hydrogen vehicles

  • Hyundai sells the Nexo hydrogen-electric SUV

  • The lack of refuelling stations is the main cause for the slow adoption of hydrogen power

  • Both companies plan to build 48 new stations and upgrade 2 existing ones in California

Hyundai firmly believes that hydrogen powered vehicles are a viable solution to the climate crisis. To promote their adoption, the automaker teamed up with Shell to build and upgrade hydrogen refuelling stations in California, where these vehicles have the strongest market presence.

This project will see the construction of 48 new hydrogen stations and the refurbishment of two existing ones, which will help California reach its goal of having 100 hydrogen stations by the end of 2023.

The main reason hydrogen vehicles are not as prevalent as electric cars is the lack of infrastructure to refuel them in many parts of the continent.

The very high costs involved in creating a refuelling station are to blame for their rareness. One station that can deliver hydrogen at a pressure of 70 MPa, the standard for passenger vehicles over the last decade, costs about $2 million to build in the United States and $4 million in Canada.

The companies have joined others interested in hydrogen in order to create one standard for refuelling, in an effort to avoid the confusion created by multiple charging standard for electric cars.

Hyundai is also envisioning hydrogen as a good alternative to diesel for heavy trucks, since refuelling hydrogen doesn’t take much longer than refuelling diesel and trucks need to stop for the shortest amount of time to maximise profits.

Again, California is the target, since the state wants to have 200 stations by 2035 to cater to a fleet of 70,000 hydrogen powered heavy trucks.

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