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News Hyundai Announces More Details about the 2024 Sonata

Hyundai Announces More Details about the 2024 Sonata

Hyundai revealed a few more details about the new Sonata during its official launch in Korea.

  • The Sonata receives an extensive redesign for the 2024 model year.

  • The hybrid model will keep a similar powertrain while the gasoline models will abandon the 1.6L engine.

  • The N-Line’s turbo 2.5L is said to have been developed especially for this model.

Hyundai fully unveiled the new Sonata today at the Seoul Mobility Show and revealed new details about the sedan that was shown earlier this week.

In addition to its extensively redesigned exterior and interior style, the 2024 Hyundai Sonata will feature a few mechanical changes as well.

Indeed, while the gasoline-powered models will abandon the optional turbocharged 1.6L engine in favour of the 2.5L four-cylinder and its turbocharged version, the hybrid will retain the same powertrain.

Hyundai Sonata 2024 | Photo: Hyundai

While official figures have yet to be announced, Hyundai says to expect increased performance and efficiency from all three powertrains, meaning that the hybrid should make more than the current model’s 192 horsepower and 271 lb-ft of torque.

Speaking of the hybrid, this version will receive paddle shifters that control the regenerative braking function to give greater control to the drive and further increase efficiency.

In addition, the turbocharged 2.5L engine found in the Sonata N-Line is said to have been developed specifically for this model. With the expected boost in power, the most powerful Sonata should deliver close to 300 horsepower and over 311 lb-ft of torque.

Hyundai Sonata 2024 | Photo: Hyundai

The mid-size sedan’s new exterior design is also said to be more aerodynamic, helping both fuel efficiency and highway stability.

In terms of features, the Sonata will be available in the United States with a choice of ten paint colours and five interior hues, four of which are two tones.

Technologies will include a new curved instrument panel which includes two 12.3-inch screens for the instrument cluster and the infotainment screen, a 12-inch head-up display, over-the-air capability for software updates, the Digital Key 2 system that uses a phone or smartwatch to unlock and start the car, a new 12-speaker Bose audio system, a power trunk, and many driver assistance features such as Highway Driving Assist and the remote parking feature that allows drivers to move the car forward or backward via the key fob.

Hyundai Sonata 2024 | Photo: Hyundai

Hyundai also claims to have improved the Sonata’s side impact protection by modifying the energy redistribution structure while also giving it best-in-class braking performance.

Choosing the turbocharged engine with the N-Line trim level also brings Launch Control, Active Sound Design, N Powershift, and Rev Matching.

The new Sonata is expected to reach its first buyers in North America later this year, thus pricing information for Canada and the United States should be released in the coming months.

Hyundai Sonata 2024 | Photo: Hyundai

2024 Hyundai Sonata | Photo: Hyundai
2024 Hyundai Sonata | Photo: Hyundai

2024 Hyundai Sonata | Photo: Hyundai
2024 Hyundai Sonata | Photo: Hyundai

2024 Hyundai Sonata N-Line | Photo: Hyundai
2024 Hyundai Sonata N-Line | Photo: Hyundai

2024 Hyundai Sonata N-Line | Photo: Hyundai
2024 Hyundai Sonata N-Line | Photo: Hyundai

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