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NewsHyundai Cars Will Soon Be Available for Sale on Amazon

Hyundai Cars Will Soon Be Available for Sale on Amazon

Hyundai will be the first automaker whose vehicles will be available through Amazon.

  • Hyundai dealerships will be able to sell their inventory vehicles on Amazon.

  • The automaker will also move its cloud-based services to AWS.

  • Starting in 2025, the company’s cars will feature Amazon’s Alexa built-in.

In addition to launching the North American version of the new 2024 Santa Fe, Hyundai announced a partnership with Amazon earlier today at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Due to this deal, Hyundai vehicles will be the first to be available to purchase on Amazon, starting in 2024.

Unlike other online sales models put in place by a few automakers, this will not result in customers buying the vehicles directly from Hyundai.

Indeed, sales made on Amazon will still go through dealerships, which will be tasked with uploading their inventories on the retail giant’s platform.

According to the automaker, this will allow customers to find the Hyundai vehicle they want more easily by making it possible to browse all the brand’s models in their area, filtering by options, colours, and trim levels.

Hyundai and Amazon partnership | Photo: Hyundai

In addition to featuring the same Amazon interface most buyers will be familiar with, this business model will differ from traditional sales by making it possible to complete the entire buying process on Amazon before either picking the car up at the local dealership or having it delivered at the buyer’s convenience.

This is not the only way in which Hyundai and Amazon will be working together in the coming years either since the automaker will move all its cloud-based connected services to AWS.

Having its cloud-based systems managed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) instead of in-house will reportedly help Hyundai accelerate its digital transformation, which likely means we can expect more connected services to be available in their vehicles, such as generative AI and Internet of Things.

In addition, working with Amazon will allow Hyundai to offer Alexa directly in its infotainment systems, which will make it possible for drivers to control many of their connected devices using voice commands, including compatible smart home systems like thermostats and security systems. This feature will be added in 2025 in the company’s next-generation vehicles.

Hyundai and Amazon partnership | Photo: Hyundai


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