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NewsHyundai Denies Reports It's Dropping Combustion Engine Development

Hyundai Denies Reports It’s Dropping Combustion Engine Development

Hyundai denies big R&D change reports

  • Hyundai says ICE engines not dead yet

  • Automaker says still working on combustion and fuel cell power

Over the holidays, reports started to surface from Korea saying that Hyundai was done developing internal combustion engines and was closing its related R&D facilities. It turns out that reports of the ICE’s demise were greatly exaggerated. Or at least a bit premature.

Senior Group Manager at Hyundai Motor America Michael Stewart confirmed to Motor 1 that ICE engine development isn’t done, saying that “Hyundai Motor Group can confirm that it is not halting the development of its engines following recent media speculation. The Group is dedicated to providing a strong portfolio of powertrains to global customers, which includes a combination of highly efficient engines and zero-emissions electric motors.”

Looking at the brand’s announcement last fall saying it didn’t expect to be an all-EV brand in Europe until at least 2035, that it will continue to develop combustion powertrains isn’t a surprise.

Reports of Hyundai calling it quits on hydrogen fuel cells have also been denied by the company. Maeil Business News Korea reports that Hyundai said that its road map for next-gen fuel cell development, as well as electrification of the Genesis brand, “remains intact.”

As for the confusion, we’re not sure what’s happened. All that’s clear today is that Hyundai Motor insists that it will continue to develop a wide range of powertrain options.





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