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NewsHyundai Home will Include Solar Panels and Energy Storage in one Package

Hyundai Home will Include Solar Panels and Energy Storage in one Package

Hyundai wants to simplify the process of building a home charging station

  • This will help Hyundai owner to setup their home charging network

  • Customers won’t have to deal with multiple suppliers

  • Electric vehicles and home electricity can interface in new ways in some models, Including the Ioniq 5

Buying an electric vehicle generally comes with the hassle of having to install a charging station, which can mean a rewiring of parts of the house and having to deal with many different companies and suppliers.

Hyundai wants to make life easier for people who buy one of their electric vehicles and wish to charge them using renewable energy instead of the grid power.

The Hyundai Home package will include a charging station, solar panels and an energy storage system in order to provide everything that’s needed, without having to use contractors.

When the program launches in certain markets in 2022, Hyundai will select the best products available and a dedicated concierge will guide customers through the buying and installing processes.

This program will also include a warranty that is said to be on of the best that is available in the industry.

Charging an electric car with renewable electricity, such as from solar panels, contributes to a lower carbon footprint and it speeds up the delay before an electric car becomes better for the environment than an equivalent gasoline powered vehicle.

Solar panels can also allow charging an electric car off the grid, meaning savings can be made on the long term and it makes it possible to charge EVs in remote locations, at a cabin for example.

Since the Hyundai Ioniq 5 has bidirectional charging capabilities, it can recharge the power storage battery or power a house in case of an outage.

This service could be related to an earlier announcement by the automaker that the Ioniq sub-brand will not be limited to vehicles and it will include other products as well.


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