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News Hyundai is Planning to Build up to 6 New EVs in its...

Hyundai is Planning to Build up to 6 New EVs in its Georgia Factory

Hyundai, as well as Kia and Genesis, plan to build up to six EVs in georgia by 2028.

  • Hyundai recently announced it will build a new factory near Savannah, Georgia

  • Up to six different EVs could be built there by 2028

  • The Hyundai Ioniq 7 will be the first vehicle made there, a compact pickup could follow later

Hyundai has plans to build up to six different EV models by 2028 in a new factory it will build in the United States.

The Korean automaker will open its second American factory in Ellabell, about 30 miles (48 kilometers) from Savannah, Georgia.

This new plant will be entirely dedicated to electric vehicles, a first for an Asian automaker in the US, and it will build vehicles for Hyundai, Kia and Genesis.

The first model to roll of the line will be the Hyundai Ioniq 7 SUV in 2025 and most likely its Kia counterpart, the EV9, although this has not been confirmed yet.

Rumours say that the next product would be an electric pickup from Kia early in 2026 followed by a compact pickup from Hyundai in the second half of the year, possibly an electric version of the Santa Cruz.

The luxury brand from Hyundai Group, Genesis, will also build some of its upcoming EVs in Georgia, but the models have not yet been revealed. Considering the other products expected from the factory are all large SUVs and pickups, there is a good chance that the first Genesis to be made there could be a replacement for the GV80 or the GV70.

All of the vehicles that will be produced at this new facility are part of the company’s plan for the future, which calls for 17 new electric vehicles from Hyundai and Genesis, in addition to 14 others from Kia.

Those models combined will help the Hyundai Group achieve its goal of 3 million EVs sold annually around the world at the turn of the next decade.

Kia Concept EV9 | Photo: Kia

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