Wednesday, July 6, 2022
News Hyundai is Testing Ioniq 5 Robotaxis in Partnership with Lyft

Hyundai is Testing Ioniq 5 Robotaxis in Partnership with Lyft

Hyundai is testing a future robotaxi service with Lyft

  • The self driving tech is from Motional, a company owned by Hyundai

  • The automaker wants to achieve level 4 autonomous driving

  • Lyft will offer the robotaxis on its platform

Most automakers are working on self driving technologies and Hyundai is currently testing these systems in its new Ioniq 5 electric car.

The goal with the current system is to reach level 4 autonomous driving capabilities, meaning that the car can drive itself in almost every situation and it will never require assistance from a driver. Most automakers are developing level 5 systems that will be able to function 100% on their own in every situation, most of them won’t even have controls to allow passengers to take control.

Hyundai plans to use these cars as robotaxis through Lyft’s platform. The American ride hailing service itself is working on a way to automate its cars and it plans to offer a robotaxi service based on level 4 autonomous vehicles in the United States by 2023.

The technology behind this system was developed by Motional, which is a company that is owned by Hyundai. The Ioniq 5 was chosen since it is the latest and most technologically advanced vehicle from the automaker, but also because it is electric, since California announced that every autonomous vehicle on its territory will have to be electric by 2030.

Few details are known yet about the way this robotaxi service will be set up since the official launch should occur sometimes next year, but a video shared by Hyundai shows the car can detect traffic lights, change lanes, make U-turns and avoid obstacles on the road.

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