Monday, March 20, 2023
News Hyundai just unveiled the face of the new 2024 Elantra... in South...

Hyundai just unveiled the face of the new 2024 Elantra… in South Korea

  • The new 2024 Hyundai Avante show what we can expect from the new Elantra.

  • Every drivetrain should be back with this mild facelift.

  • Will Hyundai reveal the North American details (of the 2024 Elantra) at the NY Auto Show in April?


After three years on the market, the Elantra sedan needs some mid-cycle changes. And that’s exactly what has just been accomplished on the brand’s local market, as the automaker has quietly released the first photos of its 2024 Avante sedan. Remember that Hyundai still uses this name in its local market, but it’s essentially what’s coming to our roads in a few months on our own North American Elantra.

These days, the popularity of utility vehicles is forcing manufacturers to work even harder to boost sales of their remaining “traditional” cars. Hyundai doesn’t seem to want to abandon the compact sedan category, at least for now, while there are still enough drivers interested in that popular format.

2024 Hyundai Avante | Photo: Hyundai

As expected, the exterior modifications are concentrated at the front, while the fascia returns to a slightly more conventional formula with a clear separation between the grille – still clad in that triangular patterned grill – and the portion dedicated to the lower bumper. The light clusters, which have a slightly different signature, seem to be better integrated into this module, while the openings on either side of the lower central grille are reminiscent of certain designs seen on German models.

On its sides, the dramatic body edges remain, but new wheels are added to the sedan’s lineup. The chrome beltline is also slightly redesigned, as is the triangular panel on the C-pillar. The same scenario applies to the rear, where the trunk and the single position light are still in place. However, the bumper gets a sportier arrangement than in the past with an integrated diffuser.

2024 Hyundai Avante | Photo: Hyundai

As for the interior, only a new sage green theme (with an “eco-friendly” vibe) is added to list of new features for 2024. It must be said that the very sporty dashboard of the model presented in 2020 is still making an impact.

For now, these are the only details about the 2024 Avante. Will Hyundai announce the details of its 2024 Elantra for the North American market in the next few days for a commercial launch this summer? It’s possible, especially with the New York Auto Show just around the corner. Maybe we’ll find out more about the 2024 Elantra in the Big Apple… or maybe it’ll be 2025?

As for the engines, we can expect every current option to return: the base 4-cylinder, the turbo 4-cylinder for the N-Line, the hybrid option, as well as the spicy option turbocharged for the Elantra N. It will be interesting to see what the manufacturer has in store for the other variants of the sedan.

Mode details to come.

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