Monday, March 4, 2024
News Hyundai Mobis has Developed a System to Help Urban Driving

Hyundai Mobis has Developed a System to Help Urban Driving

Hyundai Mobis will offer a driver assistance system to make parking easier

  • The system will be a low-speed autonomous driving system

  • It will take care of tricky situations, such as narrow streets and long reversing manoeuvres

  • This system can also remotely park vehicles in parallel or at 90-degree angles

Hyundai Mobis, a subsidiary of the automaker Hyundai, has developed a suite of systems called the Mobis Parking System (MPS) that will make driving in tight urban areas easier.

These features include the Narrow Space Assistance (NSA) the Reverse Assistance (RA) and the Remote Smart Parking Assistance (RSPA).

The Narrow Space Assistance can take control of the vehicle when the driver isn’t comfortable driving because the road is too narrow. This system only needs 16 inches of clearance on each side of the vehicle to make progress and navigate very tight spots.

The Reverse Assistance monitors the path the vehicle is taking and at the touch of a button, it can reverse this path and drive back out in the exact same way it came in, which is useful when there isn’t enough room to turn the vehicle around.

The Remote Smart Parking Assistance allows the driver to exit the vehicle before parking and then use a remote to make the vehicle park itself either in a parallel space or in a 90-degree space. This is especially useful if the parking space is too small to allow the driver to easily get out of the vehicle once it is parked.

Even if Hyundai Mobis is a part of the Hyundai group, the company isn’t limited to supplying the group’s vehicles and it will offer this system to many automakers, who could be tempted to install it in their bigger vehicles, especially SUVs.

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