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NewsHyundai N Performance Models to Get Carbon Hybrid Wheels

Hyundai N Performance Models to Get Carbon Hybrid Wheels

Carbon wheels about to get more affordable

  • Dymag introducing carbon wheels for Hyundai, other OEMs

  • Hybrid blends carbon rim with a metal face

Hyundai is about to launch a new type of carbon fibre wheels for its N Performance models. British wheelmaker Dymag, along with Hankuk Carbon, made the announcement earlier this week.

The prototype N Performance carbon hybrid wheel was unveiled on Hyundai’s stand at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, along with the Ioniq 5 N electric performance model. It blends a carbon fibre outer rim and a metallic center.

Blending the two saves 40-50 percent of the weight of a cast aluminum wheel. It’s also stronger and stiffer. And could actually improve range, not just performance, thanks to less rolling inertia.

Using a conventional aluminum face should help reduce the costs of the new design. Full carbon wheels are expensive, Ford’s Mustang carbon wheels are said to cost around $25,000 for a set. That’s nearly the price of an entire Hyundai Elantra N. But since the weight on the outer rim of the wheel has the most effect on performance, the metal centers don’t have much of a detriment to performance.

Dymag currently offers its carbon hybrid wheels in 18-23 inch sizes and is planning on adding 24 and even 25-inch wheels later this year. Dymag said it is in talks with other OEMs that could see the hybrid carbon wheels on more vehicles soon.

The biggest problem we see with the wheels? Because the face is metal, they don’t look like carbon. And showing off seems to be as important as actual performance these days.


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