Thursday, June 17, 2021
News Hyundai Recalls 145k Tucson Crossovers

Hyundai Recalls 145k Tucson Crossovers

Recall affects most 2016-2021 Tucsons

  • Recall covers possible ABS short circuit

  • 2016-2021 model years affected

Hyundai has just expanded a recall on the Tucson compact crossover, with nearly 145,000 of the model sold in Canada affected by a recall addressing an issue with the ABS control module. An issue with the module could create a fire risk and Hyundai is recommending parking the vehicles outdoors and away from other vehicles.

The initial recall was issued last September, concerning 26,491 2019 model year Hyundai Tucson vehicles. That bulletin said that the control module for the antilock brake system could corrode internally and that could lead to a short circuit. A short circuit could create a fire risk.

Today the recall has been expanded to cover the Hyundai Tucson from model years 2016 through 2021, excluding those with Smart Cruise Control adaptive cruise. The extra model years expands the number of vehicles affected by the recall to 144,700. The danger is the same, that a short circuit could create a fire risk.

Hyundai will let owners know by mail to take their Tucson to a dealer for the fix, which consists of a revision to the ABS fuse wiring and, if necessary, an update to the ABS control module. Per the recall notice, “Hyundai recommends that you should park your vehicle outdoors, and away from other vehicles or structures until the recall repairs have been completed.”


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