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News Hyundai RN22e Concept Car Destroyed in Crash at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Hyundai RN22e Concept Car Destroyed in Crash at Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Hyundai RN22e, a groundbreaking EV concept car showcasing Hyundai’s advanced E-GMP technology, was severely damaged in a crash at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, with its future currently uncertain.


  • The RN22e, designed as a rolling lab for Hyundai’s N brand, was developed to show the brand’s vision for high-performance EVs.

  • Key features of the RN22e include enhanced cornering capability through torque vectoring, track-optimized cooling and braking systems.

  • The severe crash at Goodwood Festival of Speed leaves the RN22e’s future uncertain, with possible outcomes ranging from extensive repairs to ending up in a scrapyard.


The Hyundai RN22e, an electric vehicle (EV) concept car designed to demonstrate the South Korean automaker’s advanced Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) technology, was severely damaged in a crash at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The RN22e, dubbed a ‘rolling lab’ by Hyundai, offered glimpses into the brand’s future vision for high-performance EVs, making the accident a significant setback.

The car was developed as part of Hyundai’s N brand in 2022 and was a testament to the company’s focus on performance-oriented EVs. The RN22e featured a refined version of Hyundai’s E-GMP, housed in a design based on the IONIQ 6. One of its key innovations was the implementation of torque vectoring by twin clutch to elevate cornering feel, thus managing the car’s heavier weight and improving overall performance.

Hyundai RN22e | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

To bolster the RN22e’s racetrack readiness, Hyundai also focused on enhancing the cooling and braking systems for greater endurance. Equipped with four-piston monoblock calipers and a 400-mm hybrid disc, the RN22e was designed to handle the weight of its power electric system. Hyundai intended to use the RN22e to study the dynamic movements and precise control of yaw and corner attack with regen-braking.

Hyundai RN22e | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

In addition to its technical prowess, the RN22e was also designed to deliver an engaging and emotional driving experience. It provided features such as N Sound+, which produced sound from interior and exterior speakers for a more immersive driving feel. Furthermore, it incorporated the N e-shift feature that integrated vibration and shifting feel with the N Sound+.

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The RN22e embraced the aerodynamic features of the IONIQ 6’s streamliner design, with additional motorsports-inspired details for better performance. Hyundai also used 3D printed parts to reduce weight while maintaining rigidity for better corner attack.

Hyundai N Vision 74 and RN22e | Photo: Hyundai

Despite the unfortunate crash, Hyundai’s development in advanced technologies is expected to continue, as the brand strives to provide dynamic, exhilarating driving experiences in their future electrified models. The RN22e’s fate is currently uncertain as it remains unclear if the car is repairable or if it will ultimately end up in the scrapyard. Nonetheless, the lessons learned from the RN22e’s development and testing will likely continue to shape Hyundai’s ambitious plans for the EV market.

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