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NewsHyundai Teased the Production Version of the Ioniq 6 for the First...

Hyundai Teased the Production Version of the Ioniq 6 for the First Time

Hyundai teased the Ioniq 6 ahead of its reveal, which might be as soon as tomorrow.

  • Previous images shown by Hyundai were either from the Prophecy concept or from prototypes

  • The official reveal could take place tomorrow

  • The electric sedan will be the second model to join the Ioniq family

Hyundai released five teaser images of the production version of the Ioniq 6 electric sedan over the last week, leading up to the official reveal, which is likely to happen tomorrow.

The Hyundai Ioniq 6 is heavily influenced by the Prophecy concept that was unveiled in 2020 and this is why the automaker used to tease this model by showing the concept.

Hyundai Ioniq 6 teaser | Photo: Hyundai

This new batch of images is the first one to feature the actual model that will arrive on dealer lots in the next few months.

The first image shows a large red light bar that looks to be made of translucent material containing small cubes that recall the taillamps of the Ioniq 5. This element seems to be integrated on the ducktail spoiler that is mounted just below the rear window, a detail that was present on the Prophecy.

The second picture is of the driver’s side C-pillar, showing the rear quarter window and a part of the rear glass. This image confirms that the roofline will slope down quite aggressively towards the rear and the window line also follows a similar downwards curve.

Hyundai Ioniq 6 teaser | Photo: Hyundai

The third image shows what could be the front end, with a black horizontal stripe that could house lighting equipment on top of a vent opening that could be used to cool the brakes.

Image number four is of the rear bumper, which houses a series of red and white pixel-LEDs, the same type used on the Ioniq 5. This element will incorporate the reverse lamps at the bottom of the bumper and possibly the rear fog lamps in Europe.

Hyundai Ioniq 6 teaser | Photo: Hyundai

The last picture shows a part of the front wheel as well as the mirror cameras. This last feature is more and more popular on concept cars, but the Ioniq 6 could pioneer them on a large-scale production vehicle if they are actually available to customers. As for the wheels, their design is not a surprise since prototypes have been spied testing out on the open road while wearing identical rims.

The final version of the complete car will likely be revealed tomorrow since Hyundai added another image simply saying “June 28th 10:00 AM (KST) open” to the same webpage that received the pictures of the vehicle.

Hyundai Ioniq 6 teaser | Photo: Hyundai


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