Saturday, December 10, 2022
News Hyundai will Have an Electric Pickup to Compete Against an Upcoming Ford...

Hyundai will Have an Electric Pickup to Compete Against an Upcoming Ford Ranger Lightning

Hyundai wants to compete with Ford in the electric midsize truck segment.

  • This truck will replace the current Santa-Cruz

  • Kia also plans to have its own version of its electric truck by 2026

  • This model hopes to capture the current hype for electric trucks and bring it to the midsize segment

Ford recently trademarked the Ranger Lightning name and made some comments that suggest it is working on a midsize electric pickup. In order to compete with this upcoming model, Hyundai announced it will also launch a smaller truck powered by batteries in the coming years.

The Korean automaker entered the truck market for the first time in North America when it introduced the Santa-Cruz in 2021 and it seems it is already planning a replacement for this model.

Indeed, Hyundai has announced it is working on an electric midsize pickup to be introduced in the coming years. This model will most likely replace the current Santa Cruz, which will have been the only gasoline-powered Hyundai truck on this continent.

Since electric full-size pickups are very popular at the moment, with most models having years-long waitlists and routinely selling for more than MSRP, it seems logical that smaller electric trucks could also appeal to a very large group of buyers.

This is what Hyundai and Ford are betting on with their upcoming models. These two companies will not be alone in this market, however, since Toyota has already confirmed plans for a Tacoma-sized electric truck, and Kia is reported to introduce its own version of the Hyundai truck in 2026.

No mechanical details are known yet for the Hyundai electric pickup, but it could use the same powertrain as the Ioniq 5 and 6, meaning it would also be one of the rare EVs to use an 800-volt architecture.

The current Santa Cruz shares most of its bodywork and interior with the Tucson compact SUV, which means that either the next generation of Hyundai truck will cut its ties to the SUV, or an electric replacement for the Tucson is also underway.

Hyundai hasn’t said anything on this subject, so we will have to wait for further details.

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