Saturday, May 28, 2022
News Hyundai will Launch Electric, Autonomous Flying Vehicles by 2028

Hyundai will Launch Electric, Autonomous Flying Vehicles by 2028

Hyundai is working on an autonomous electric flying vehicle

  • The vehicles will be part of a ride hailing service around major cities

  • They will be able to fly at 180 mph, 2,000 ft in the air for distances up to 60 miles (96 km)

  • People will be able to travel by air and then ride an electric scooter to their destination

For many decades, people have been talking about flying cars and many have tried it without success. In the last few years however, interest in this alternative transport method has soared.

Hyundai could be one of the companies that make this a reality with the release of its S-A1 that is planned for 2028.

This vehicle is a light aircraft that has VTOL capabilities, meaning it can take off vertically, which is essential in order to be used in crowded cities.

The S-A1 will be powered by electric rotors that can enable it to reach 180 mph (290 km/h) for distances up to 60 miles (96 kilometers) and at an altitude of 2,000 feet.

These vehicles could be useful to reduce road congestion in major cities by using the air space to move people from one end of the city to another, or between different cities without clogging up highways.

Since these vehicles have more in common with a small plane than a car, they will commute between hubs and Hyundai intends passengers to then ride electric scooters to their final destinations.

The S-A1 will require a pilot for now, but Hyundai wants to give it autonomous capabilities as soon as 2030, which would allow them to be part of a ride hailing service as a form of autonomous air-taxis.

In fact, The automaker is already in a partnership with Uber to develop such a system and Hyundai has signed a deal with the Canadian Advanced Air Mobility Consortium in order to develop the policies the program will have to adhere to.

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