Thursday, February 22, 2024
News IIHS Says Better Front Crash Avoidance Software Would Cut Collisions With Motorcyles,...

IIHS Says Better Front Crash Avoidance Software Would Cut Collisions With Motorcyles, Big Rigs

New IIHS test coming

  • IIHS research found crash avoidance systems not as good at avoiding big, small vehicles

  • New test would evaluate systems

Front crash prevention systems work great at stopping crashes with other cars. But they’re lacking when it comes to preventing crashes with big trucks and motorcycles. The IIHS is looking to put an end to that disparity.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety examined crash test data from vehicles equipped with front crash prevention systems. After looking at more than 160,000 crashes, they found that the systems cut rear-end crash rates by 53 percent when it comes to collisions with other passenger vehicles.

When it comes to those cars rear-ending big trucks, it drops to just 38 percent. For motorcycles, it’s 41 percent. That’s especially surprising since large trucks – we’re talking semis, not F-350s – take much longer to stop than passenger cars.

“These reductions are impressive for all vehicle types, but the safety benefits could be even larger if front crash prevention systems were as good at mitigating and preventing crashes with big trucks and motorcycles as they are with cars,” said Jessica Cicchino, IIHS vice president of research. Around 5,500 crashes with big trucks and 500 motorcycles could be prevented, the IIHS says, and fatalities could be greatly reduced.

To help test AEB systems and show which automakers are doing a better job, the IIHS is bringing in a new test. The IIHS will launch new vehicle-to-vehicle front crash prevention evaluation, in partnership with Transport Canada.


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