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Auto Shows & Events Imagine by Kia Could Maybe Lead to a Korean Tesla Model 3...

Imagine by Kia Could Maybe Lead to a Korean Tesla Model 3 Fighter

The Imagine by Kia concept won’t be going into production anytime soon, but we can still speculate about what it could become.

The “Imagine by Kia” has an odd name and an odd shape accentuated by what is northing short of an LED light show. You know who else has a light show? Tesla cars.

Sitting quietly in a corner of the Geneva Motor Show on Tuesday, the Kia concept is an all-electric sedan that is currently just a design exercise. It has a new logo, a bumper-wide connected LED tiger nose strip up front complemented by two more LED strips on the door arches, and a single sheet of glass for the roof and trunk lid.

The wheels are 22 inches and feature four inserts of transparent acrylic glass that reflect light in a unique pattern, and each is wrapped in Goodyear Intelligrip EV concept tires.

These tires are maybe the most interesting part of the concept. They were designed in collaboration with Kia specifically for the Imagine by Kia prototype. A collection of sensors are used by the tires to communicate with the Kia in order to modify driving dynamics and make the car more comfortable and perform better.

Imagine by Kia Geneva Auto Show
Imagine by Kia Geneva Auto Show

Then there is the interior which features a staggering 21 screens. Always the life of the party, Kia says these screens are a humorous riposte “to the on-going competition between some automotive manufacturers to see who can produce the car with the biggest screen,” Kia says.

The Imagine by Kia press release, on the other hand, was no laughing matter. We didn’t count, but we figure it was about 1,000 words with bits such as:

“The front air curtain; the way the double-skin bonnet channels air through the nose, up and over the front screen and roof; the double skinned C-pillar that creates an air spoiler; the completely enclosed underbody; the wind-cheating ‘wingcams’ and the hard-edged break-away around the car’s rear – all these features collectively boost aerodynamic efficiency and reduce turbulence and drag”.

We read through it and he’s what we can surmise. The Imagine by Kia is the brand’s first pure electric four-door sedan which uses a battery pack charged by induction to provide an unknown amount of power for an unknown amount of kilometers. It also has some pretty cool tires.

Could the Imagine by Kia become a Tesla Model 3 fighter from Korea? Why not. It looks the part and although there is very little that’s real or concrete about the Imagine by Kia for now, it may by the result of lofty goals at Kia. Here’s hoping.

Imagine by Kia Images Gallery

Imagine by Kia Geneva Auto Show
Imagine by Kia Geneva Auto Show

Imagine by Kia Geneva Auto Show
Imagine by Kia Geneva Auto Show

Imagine by Kia Geneva Auto Show
Imagine by Kia Geneva Auto Show

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