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NewsIn video: the future electric G-Wagen doing tank turns on Las Vegas's...

In video: the future electric G-Wagen doing tank turns on Las Vegas’s strip

  • This was a planned stunt on Las Vegas’s famous strip.

  • We don’t know yet if this tank turn option will be offered.


The electric shift in the automotive industry is not just about a new type of energy. The technological content of the electric car in 2024 is often even more advanced than that of the most recent ICE-powered cars.

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG

This can even be seen in the control of electric motors, which can change their performance at the touch of a button. This applies to extreme maneuvers, such as turning on an axle without even turning the steering wheel.

Mercedes-Benz’s future G-Class SUV, also known by its official concept name EQG, revealed one of its tricks for making a 180-degree turn without using the steering wheel. Indeed, a quartet of prototypes of this new electric variant of the famous Geländewagen were dropped on Las Vegas’s famous strip – thanks to the orange cones for blocking that portion of the road – to surprise passers by with this rather spectacular manner.

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG

This tour de force, also known as a “tank turn” is possible because of the flexibility of the four electric motors which individually control the rolling of each wheel. Of course, this type of maneuver should be reserved for offroad courses, where the chances of colliding with another vehicle are inferior than on public roads.

Rivian is the other manufacturer that showed interest in the famous “tank turn”. The American 100% electric brand is currently betting on two models designed for adventure: the R1T (pickup truck) and the R1S (utility vehicle). But in the end, Rivian didn’t offer the technology, claiming that the quadruple wheel slip would have adverse effects on the environment.

In short, will the Silver Star automaker go ahead with this spectacular turning maneuver? In principle, the electric G-Class should be officially unveiled later in 2024. That’s when we’ll know whether the “tank turn” will still be on the agenda or whether, on the contrary, Mercedes-Benz engineers will have changed their minds.


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