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NewsInfiniti Boss Plans Big Overhaul for Luxury Brand

Infiniti Boss Plans Big Overhaul for Luxury Brand

Big things are afoot for Infiniti

  • Infiniti plans new push for luxury vehicles

  • Stage two in plan will begin with new QX80 SUV

Wondering what exactly Infiniti is doing these days? You’re not the only one, and the automaker has plans to give itself a big makeover that lets it get back on track and into the EV space at the same time.

Infiniti Chairman Peyman Kargar spoke with Automotive News about the new campaign for the first time. He said that it will develop a more consistent brand image for Infiniti as well as making it more sophisticated.

The plans will come with a new look for the brand’s stores, but that’s not what it needs first. Fortunately, Infiniti is also planning a new look for its vehicles and other ways to set it apart like, and you’re reading this correctly, “a unique Infiniti scent and signature sound.”

It will start with a redesigned QX80. The brand’s biggest model is currently barely differentiated from the Nissan Armada, and that will change. The report says big luxury upgrades are coming, suited for the flagship role.

Coming as a surprise to us, this will be the second part of the plan. Kargar said the first part wrapped up in March when Infiniti hit record profitability.

Stage two starts this financial year, with that new QX80. Infiniti may enter new segments, it will also prepare itself for electrification. It won’t chase volume the way the brand has done in the past that ended with its current dated product line.

Expect stage three, including those EVs, to start in the fiscal year beginning in April of 2026.



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