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NewsInfiniti QX Monograph is a Sleek Preview of the Next QX80

Infiniti QX Monograph is a Sleek Preview of the Next QX80

Infiniti brings a concept to Car Week

  • Swanky new sunset paint highlights great design

  • Concept at Pebble Beach previews next production Infiniti

The Infiniti QX Monograph concept was revealed today at the Pebble Beach Concours d’elegance. Infiniti described the smoothed-over big beast as “a daring new era for Infiniti,” while we’re describing it as the next QX80.

Somehow the QX Monograph manages to be monolithic and sleek at the same time. The big body is very square but has all of its edges rounded off in just the right ways. Combine that with ultra-thin headlights and very thin tails and you have a vehicle that will no doubt be imposing when it arrives on the streets.

“We approach each Infiniti design from the perspective of an artwork, with the aim of evoking emotion and intrigue” said Alfonso Albaisa, senior vice president of global design. “The QX Monograph presented a sizable canvas for us to explore Infiniti’s artistry at maximum scale and create something bold.”

Infiniti has made Monograph concepts before, notably with the last QX60. Which is why we’re pretty sure you can expect to see this one on the road as the Infiniti QX80 in the next year or two.

The brand has never had an issue making good-looking vehicles, and Albaisa has continued that tradition. The QX Monograph gets details like a new paint called Alkane that has six layers structured to look like a sunset and red tinting in the glass that amplifies the effect. The double arched grille bars are meant to resemble a bamboo forest, and piano key lighting looks more like piano keys than ever before.



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