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NewsINFINITI Unveils Vision Qe Concept at CIAS

INFINITI Unveils Vision Qe Concept at CIAS

Although strictly a concept, the INFINITI Vision Qe tells where the brand is going not just in terms of design, but electric vehicle development


  • Concept features optimized aerodynamics

  • New grille and light design to inspire future INFINITI products


INFINITI pulled the curtain back on its Vision Qe concept for the first time in Canada at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto this week, offering a glimpse into what the future holds for the brand’s first all-electric sedan. The Vision Qe concept, embodying INFINITI’s latest design language dubbed “Artistry In Motion,” sets a new precedent for the brand’s approach to electric vehicles (EVs), but also previews design elements sure to find their way into gas-powered models in the future.



The Vision Qe concept represents a significant step forward in INFINITI’s design evolution, showcasing a blend of aesthetic appeal and functional design. The concept vehicle boasts a sleek, aerodynamic fastback profile that, despite being stationary, suggests fluid motion and grace. This design approach aligns with INFINITI’s ambition to infuse its vehicles with a sense of dynamic movement and elegance.


In crafting the Vision Qe concept, INFINITI’s global design team aimed to create a vehicle that captures the essence of “Kabuku,” or the extraordinary, through its distinctive design and sense of movement – “Sho.” Furthermore, the vehicle incorporates “Sui,” embedding refined details that convey sophistication and purity, projecting a vision of INFINITI’s future in the all-electric fastback sedan segment. Alfonso Albaisa, INFINITI’s Senior Vice President for Global Design, notes the design team’s inspiration came from the concept likening the vehicle’s form to a bird in flight, exuding speed and grace.


Infiniti QX monograph & Vision Qe | Photo: Matt St-Pierre
Infiniti QX monograph & Vision Qe | Photo: Matt St-Pierre


The Vision Qe concept’s bodywork, characterized by its elegant lines and muscular fenders, also aims to reflect the performance capabilities of its all-electric powertrain.


A New Lighting and Grille Design Along With Advanced Aerodynamics


The concept introduces a reimagined version of INFINITI’s signature ‘double arched’ grille for the electric vehicle era, featuring sculpted lines and a bright LED outline. INFINITI’s digital piano key lighting signature, a hallmark of the brand’s design, illuminates both the front and rear in a striking gold hue, enhancing the vehicle’s visual appeal.


Infiniti Vision Qe | Photo: Matt St-Pierre
Infiniti Vision Qe | Photo: Matt St-Pierre


Beyond simple aesthetics, INFINITI designers also made sure to make the Vision Qe extremely aerodynamic, an element Alfonso Albaisa stressed as critical to electric vehicles. “Aerodynamics play a very important and growing role in vehicle development, particularly with EVs where reducing drag coefficient is key to improving range”, he told us.


Although strictly a concept, the Vision Qe tells us that INFINITI is looking to take the next step in the brand’s evolution while also preparing to jump into the EV game. The brand acknowledges that it needs to get back into the spotlight, and striking concepts like the Vision Qe are certainly a good first step.


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