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News Instead of Making it Quicker, Brabus Gave the Mercedes EQS More Range

Instead of Making it Quicker, Brabus Gave the Mercedes EQS More Range

Brabus tuned a Mercedes EQS electric sedan and gave it a more aggressive appearance and a longer range.

  • Brabus is a German tuning company that works closely with Mercedes-Benz

  • Usually, Brabus versions are much more powerful than regular models

  • The improved aerodynamics make for a 7% increase in range

As the automotive industry is moving towards electrification, tuning companies will have to begin working on electric vehicles to stay relevant after gasoline engines become extinct.

This is what Brabus has done with the Mercedes-Benz EQS electric luxury sedan, but the results of its treatment are different than usual.

Indeed, German tuning company Brabus is used to working on vehicles produced by Mercedes-Benz, but the result is usually a vehicle that looks menacing and is much more powerful than the regular production model, such as the Rocket 900, which is a 900-horsepower version of the AMG GT sedan, which peaks at 639 horsepower.

Mercedes EQS by Brabus | Photo: Brabus

In this case, however, the 329-horsepower output of the EQS 450+ hasn’t been touched and the only functional improvements relate to the aerodynamics, which has yielded a higher range.

According to the company, the 7,2 percent improvement in drag coefficient translates almost directly to the range, which means that this version of the EQS could be able to drive up to about 600 kilometres on a charge.

This is not an exact number however since the effects of the lower drag are noticeable only at highway speeds between 100 km/h and 140 km/h.

Mercedes EQS by Brabus | Photo: Brabus

This is interesting because it might indicate the way forward for tuning companies since electric powertrains are not as easy to modify for a higher power without messing with the software or changing the motors completely.

In addition to its aerodynamic improvements brought on by an air suspension that was lowered by 15 millimeters in the front and 20 millimeters in the rear as well as the specific aero kit installed on the body, the Brabus EQS is identifiable by its distinctive Monoblock wheels that range in size from 20 to 22 inches as well as its unique front and rear bumper treatments.

The interior is also revised and the company offers a large number of customizable options in order to make each vehicle unique.

Brabus has not revealed how much it will cost to buy an EQS that has gone through its tuning process, but considering the company’s history, it will probably require a significant premium over the regular EQS, which already starts at over $100,000 in the United States.

Mercedes EQS by Brabus | Photo: Brabus

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