Saturday, June 10, 2023
News Is BMW Planning a Z4 Manual? New Report Says Yes

Is BMW Planning a Z4 Manual? New Report Says Yes

BMW said to be considering stick-shift Z4 for U.S. market

  • Toyota already added stick-shift to Supra sibling

  • A three-pedal Z4 could add to roadster’s performance, feel

With Toyota launching a six-speed stick Supra, is the BMW Z4 going to follow suit? A new report says it’s likely, with the German automaker looking at bringing a Z4 M40i model to the U.S. with three pedals in place of two.

The report comes from BMW Blog which says it has sources saying the company is actively considering bringing a six-speed manual Z4 to market in at least the U.S. Stick-shifts are highly desired by enthusiasts here, and BMW has made vehicles available with a manual solely for the States before.

This one would be easier than most because Toyota has already done the work. The Supra and Z4 share a platform, powertrains, and much of their interiors. They’re also built at the same factory, so adding the extra pedal, different transmission, and new shifter should be as easy as obtaining emissions approval in the U.S.

Of course, that approval is complicated. And expensive. So BMW would have to know it could sell enough to make the effort worthwhile.

A refreshed version of the Z4 is expected later this year, and that could be an ideal time to introduce the stick-shift car.

It’s far from a guarantee, but the idea of BMW’s sweet and slick 382 hp 3.0L inline-six, an open top, and the snick of a manual transmission has us longing for open roads and warm days.


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