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NewsIs There Hope for the Return of a Toyota Celica or MR2?

Is There Hope for the Return of a Toyota Celica or MR2?

Toyota’s collection of EV concepts continues to have our hopes up

  • Toyota trademarked Celica nearly 2.5 years ago.

  • The automaker’s GR brand is making waves

Over the last five to six years, Toyota’s done what most thought would never happen again: They began building and selling fun cars again. Via Gazoo Racing, cars like the Supra, GT86, and GR Corolla have elevated Toyota’s sportscar credibility to a level not seen since the 1990s. And they’re not done.

Toyota Sports EV | Photo: Toyota

In March of 2022, the Japanese giant revealed its electrification plans which covered a wide array of segments and models. Of the many, one has captured the internet’s attention if mostly because it looks really promising and that there’s a good chance that Toyota will go ahead and build it.

The Toyota Sports EV may have sat in the final row of the group picture/rendering but it did not go unnoticed. About a year before the plan’s revealing, Toyota trademarked the “Celica” name that nearly all immediately associated the small sports car. Now, let’s quickly compare Toyota’s ICE and growing EV portfolio.

Toyota Trademarks Celica For Safekeeping

Where petrol is concerned, the last half-decade has shown that Toyota wants to bring fun back into its mix. The automaker’s current bZ4X is, in a word, plain. The big picture shows that “fun” is also coming to its bZ collection of EVs. Therefore: Trademarked Celica + Toyota Sports EV + desire for more fun = A reborn all-electric Celica.

Based solely on the images, as details are non-existent, the small sports car sports a rear-mid-engine layout that points to a few possibilities. RWD is one, the other could be that it will be powered by a solid-stare battery. No matter what however, its exotic stance and promising styling will make a desirable, and it could very well become the first all-electric GR model.

We’re looking forward to finding out if it’ll be a Celica or an MR2. We’re fine with both.

Toyota Sports EV | Photo: Toyota


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