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NewsIs this the Lexus LFA’s Successor?

Is this the Lexus LFA’s Successor?

Although we’ve seen the concept before, this is the first time the LFA is officially associated with the Lexus Electrified Sport concept

  • It is simply dubbed the Lexus Electrified Sport concept.

  • This concept was revealed as part of Toyota’s recent showing of 15 new upcoming EVs.

From moot and against the idea to fully embracing all things EV, Toyota and Lexus are generating plenty of buzz with their recently introduced production models. As always, the car world is more interested in what’s coming in the future. With little doubt, the production version of the Lexus Electrified Sport concept is one of the more exciting vehicles to come.

Lexus to Sell Only EVs by 2035

We’d seen the images and all thought that this concept had supercar potential, and now, we’re even more thrilled. The simple fact that Lexus UK, in their Instagram post, associated the Lexus Electrified Sport concept with the LFA is enough to send enthusiasts in a tizzy. The inimitable LFA’s V10, styling, and performance is already the stuff of legend and so expectations for the Electrified Sport concept’s production version will be through the roof.

Lexus, noticing the slew of interactions, as noted by CarBuzz, felt the need to specify that this isn’t a “new” LFA but a new electric car that furthers the performance Lexus driving experience. They comment:

Lexus Electrified Sport concept | Photo: Lexus

“Our goal is to continue offering an exhilarating experience to our customers by using electrification technology to maximise the potential of the vehicle. Lexus will further develop the vehicle fundamentals and pursue Lexus’ unique driving signature through development of the sports BEV, while applying these advances into upcoming new BEV models.”


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