Is This The Promised Ferrari Hybrid Test Mule?


Ferrari announced that another hybrid super-car was on the way. The Ferrari Enzo was the first but unlike it, this hybrid Ferrari will be for the common Ferrari customer…

There are images circulating about the interwebs that depict a scarcely disguised 488 that bares stickers with the words “Bosch Test Vehicle” on its flanks. We assume this the Ferrari hybrid test mule as we doubt Bosch would purchase and wrap a Ferrari 488 to test out a new wiper relay…

Whether it’ll sport a mid-rear mounted V6, or a V8 is only partially unclear. More than likely, we’ll see a V8 with a hybrid system involved. Reportedly, it will develop more than 700-horsepower, at the very least, more that the 488 Pista’s 710 Italian ponies. If we were to truly speculate, we wonder if Ferrari would consider positioning the electric motor upfront and make it an AWD hybrid car.

There have apparently been two sightings of the alleged Ferrari hybrid so far. The dead giveaway, other than the stickers in this latest “spotted” session is that the car made no noise as it drove by.

This car will be the first “mass-produced” electrified Ferrari and the people from Maranello promise that there will be many more to come.


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