Monday, March 27, 2023
News It is Now Possible to Charge Non-Tesla EVs on the Supercharging Network...

It is Now Possible to Charge Non-Tesla EVs on the Supercharging Network in the U.S.

Tesla opened its U.S. Supercharging network to other EVs yesterday.

  • Tesla opened a few locations in New York and California to other EVs yesterday.

  • These superchargers feature a “magic Dock” which can fit CCS1 charging ports.

  • Drivers can subscribe for $12.99 a month to benefit from lower per-kilowatt rates.

After talking about it for a long time, Tesla has finally opened its Supercharging network to other EVs in the United States, at least in specific locations.

The company announced yesterday that drivers in New York and California will be able to find a few CCS1-compatible Superchargers on the Tesla App.

This makes the U.S. the 17th market where any EV driver can use the Tesla network after 15 European nations and Australia.

Unlike these other markets, the rollout of compatible charging required more than software modifications since every Tesla vehicle sold in North America is equipped with a proprietary charging connector while those sold elsewhere in the world feature a standard CCS connector.

This means that stations around the U.S. will need to be retrofitted with what the company calls a “magic Dock”, which is compatible with the CCS1 charging connectors used on every new EV on the market.

Doing so could take quite some time but the process could be made quicker if the U.S. government bases its corporate incentives on the number of compatible stations around the country.

To use these stations, drivers of competing electric vehicles will need to use the Tesla app and they are expected to pay higher rates than Tesla drivers.

Talking of prices, preliminary information shows that there will be two options for EV drivers depending on their intended use of the network.

Those who only plan to occasionally use Superchargers can choose to pay per kW while those who will rely on the network more frequently can choose to take a membership that will cost $12.99 per month and give them access to lower per kW rates, with a difference of up to $0.12 per kWh.

Tesla says it will be studying the effect non-Tesla users have on its network before deciding where and how to add compatible stations around the United States.

If the program proves conclusive, the automaker could then turn to Canada as the next market to open up its Superchargers.

Source: InsideEvs

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