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NewsItaldesign Introduces Climb-E Mobility Concept Car/Elevator

Italdesign Introduces Climb-E Mobility Concept Car/Elevator

Mobility concepts gone wild

  • Autonomous concept would come right to your living room

  • Showcases innovative anti-aquaplane tech

Italdesign has been responsible for some of the most iconic cars ever created. The original Lotus Esprit, for one, as well as the Maserati MC12, the original Volkswagen Golf, and countless concepts over the years. Lately, the company is better known for its oddball mobility concepts like the Audi Pop.Up Next. And this latest, the Italdesign Climb-E.

It’s pitched as a mobility solution, not a car, and it is made up of two main components. The first is a modular passenger capsule, the second is a series of ways to transport the capsule. Italdesign calls the transport module “the skid.”

By separating the passenger compartment from the drive section of the vehicle, Italdesign imagines transforming last-mile mobility – the trip from parking spot to door. The journey would instead start directly from your living room, where the Climb-E pod would sit waiting for you.

A skid which was designed in partnership with elevator company Schindler would transport your pod from your living room to the ground. The photos for the concept show that the elevator section would be installed on the outside of the building.

Once your pod reaches the ground, it is placed on a skid meant to take it for a drive. The skid holds a battery pack that allows a 320 km range and promises inductive charging that could add 80 percent charge in 15 minutes. Italdesign predicts these would be stored and charged in “silos” scattered around city areas and under buildings.

The drive is, of course, autonomous. Letting you sit in the pod on the two sofas and interact with the screens integrated into the windows. The highlight of the pod capsule is the design, which Italdesign says “stands out with the complete symmetry of its form.” Italdesign also goes on at length about the colours and trim chosen for the vehicle and interior.

It’s an interesting concept, showing what designers can dream up when unconstrained by production car needs. We’re not sold on the idea of having our car parked in our living room, though, especially in the winter. It would probably take a lot of work to add elevators to the sides of every building, too.

The really cool part is much closer to reality. From a company called Easyrain, it is a system that sprays water in front of your tires to break the layer that causes hydroplaning. Easyrain says its system could work with any vehicle and greatly enhance safety in wet weather conditions.



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