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NewsItaly wants biofuels to be included in the ICE ban planned for...

Italy wants biofuels to be included in the ICE ban planned for 2035 in Europe

  • Italy wants biofuels to be included in the exception.

  • Other countries are opposing the ban on ICE powered cars planned for 2035 in Europe.

  • Negociations are still taking place this week.


There is new development on the issue of phasing out vehicles with internal combustion engines in Europe. The European Union (EU) had already agreed to Germany’s exception, but now Italy is joining the German nation, but on the condition that a new exception be added to the exemption, namely the addition of biofuels from biomass, such as plants. Italy has therefore warned the European Commission that it will only support a solution if this new exception is added in the 2035 ban on ICE cars.

It should be remembered that Germany opposed the ban, which was planned for 2035, at the last minute, but the EU gave in to the demands of the country where Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz vehicles are assembled.

This exception would allow manufacturers and even some equipment suppliers to continue marketing ICE vehicles, if they are fueled by biofuels, which are different from e-fuels.

Talks are currently underway to find a solution to this conflict over the adoption of a ban on the marketing of combustion engine vehicles by 2035.

The Commission has drafted a proposal to allow car manufacturers to register new cars that run exclusively on carbon-neutral fuels, such as synthetic fuels. At this time, biofuels (as requested by Italy) are not part of the solution.

Indeed, the goal remains to reach a consensus by Thursday of this week. Countries like Poland and the Czech Republic are also raising issues with this proposal.

We’ll have to keep an eye on this issue in the coming days, as this type of agreement could inspire other countries to ban the marketing of combustion engines in the next few years. Remember that in Canada, vehicles equipped with internal combustion engines will be banned as of 2035.


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