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NewsJaguar Announces 2025 Discontinuation for I-Pace Ahead of New EV Lineup

Jaguar Announces 2025 Discontinuation for I-Pace Ahead of New EV Lineup

Jaguar CEO confirms the I-Pace’s discontinuation in 2025, paving the way for the brand’s upcoming EVs.


  • Jaguar’s I-Pace electric crossover to cease production in the first half of 2025.

  • Decision aligns with Jaguar’s transition toward an all-electric brand by 2025.

  • The I-Pace has played a vital role in shaping Jaguar’s EV strategy and market presence.


Jaguar’s Chief Executive Officer, Adrian Mardell, has officially announced that production of the Jaguar I-Pace electric crossover will be halted during the first half of 2025. This move is in harmony with the brand’s overarching strategy to transform into an all-electric brand by 2025, as confirmed by Mardell himself.

This strategic shift marks a departure from the approach of former CEO Thierry Bolloré, who had previously indicated the intention to continually enhance the I-Pace, possibly extending its lifecycle to encompass a second generation. These plans had been envisioned to coincide with the forthcoming generation of Jaguar’s electric vehicles.

While the precise date for the I-Pace’s discontinuation is yet to be set, this step underscores Jaguar’s commitment to focusing on its new generation of all-electric models, expected to be introduced in the mid-2020s. The debut of the initial next-generation electric vehicle is anticipated in late 2024, followed by its market release in 2025. The model will be constructed on the distinct JEA electric architecture developed by Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), the parent company of Jaguar.

Mardell is dedicated to ensuring minimal disruption in the market availability of the I-Pace prior to the launch of the brand’s fresh EV lineup. He indicates a potential discontinuation period within the first half of 2025, with greater precision anticipated within the next nine to twelve months. This timeline offers Jaguar the necessary flexibility to conclude pivotal operational decisions.


The I-Pace has served as a crucial contributor to Jaguar’s sales performance, particularly in key markets like the UK and mainland Europe. Its role has been instrumental in helping Jaguar meet stringent emission targets. Beyond its commercial significance, the electric crossover has also been an invaluable asset in shaping Jaguar’s EV strategy and advancing its expertise in developing battery-electric vehicles.

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Looking forward to the anticipated all-electric lineup, Mardell has set a robust target of achieving a production rate of 4,000 vehicles per month. This objective represents a significant upswing from the cumulative sales of slightly over 5,000 units per month across both internal combustion engine and electric vehicle offerings during the initial quarter of 2023.

2024 Jaguar I-Pace | Photo: Jaguar

Mardell has emphasized the brand’s distinctive design philosophy that will define Jaguar’s upcoming electric vehicles. The focus centers on crafting vehicles with “exuberant” proportions and elongated wheelbases. This design trajectory has steered the brand toward adopting its bespoke JEA architecture, setting it apart from JLR’s modular MLA platform, expected to underpin various models including the electric Range Rover, starting in 2024. Mardell praised the forthcoming models’ design, characterizing it as “exceptional.”


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