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NewsJaguar Classic Spotlights C-type and D-type Continuations at Monterey Car Week

Jaguar Classic Spotlights C-type and D-type Continuations at Monterey Car Week

Jaguar Classic's Masterpieces Grace California's Premier Automotive Gathering

  • Jaguar Classic showcases C-type and D-type Continuations at Monterey Car Week.

  • Handcrafted models commemorate historic racing victories and pioneering automotive engineering.

  • Limited production ensures exclusivity, honouring Jaguar’s rich racing legacy.

The iconic C-type and D-type Continuations by Jaguar Classic are set to dazzle enthusiasts at the prestigious Monterey Car Week in California, USA. Beginning on 16th August, these authentic luxury collectibles will be a centrepiece at the Rolex Motorsports Reunion at Laguna Seca. The annually held event, which sees about 550 classic race cars in attendance, is touted as the largest of its kind during Car Week.

Notably, this is the first year that Jaguar Classic will present the C-type Continuation to U.S. collectors. This offering commemorates 70 years since the historic victory at Le Mans with the groundbreaking disc-braked car in 1953. Also of significance, it’s been since 2018 that Jaguar Classic last graced The Quail with its presence. On 18th August, they will return to The Quail to present the handcrafted C-type and D-type Continuations, an event where a 1956 Jaguar D-type won Best of Show in 2022.

Lovers of classic cars will appreciate the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each Continuation. Built by experts at the JLR Classic Works in Coventry, UK, each vehicle demands over 3,000 hours of handcrafting. These models aren’t just replicas; they are rebirths of some of the most iconic racing cars, engineered with precision to maintain their historic authenticity.

Revealed in 2021, the limited-run Jaguar C-type Continuation was created to honour its storied heritage, with each unit powered by a 3.4-litre straight-six engine producing 220bhp. Jaguar Classic committed to crafting only sixteen of these marvels. On the other hand, the D-type Continuation brings back the iconic D-type racing car’s glory, filling in the production gap from the 1950s when only 75 out of a proposed 100 D-types were constructed. Jaguar Classic now continues the legacy by producing 25 meticulously authentic vehicles.

Paul Barritt, Director of Jaguar Classic, lauded the dedication and passion that the Jaguar Classic Works team invested in these Continuation vehicles, emphasizing their significance in representing Jaguar’s rich heritage at monumental events like Monterey Car Week.

With this exhibit, Jaguar Classic once again affirms its commitment to preserving and showcasing the brand’s storied past while setting standards in luxury handcrafted automobiles.


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