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NewsJaguar Getting Own EV Plaftorm, Called Panthera

Jaguar Getting Own EV Plaftorm, Called Panthera

Jaguar prepares electric pounce

  • Jaguar going all EV by 2025

  • Currently sells only one EV, the I-Pace

A year ago, Jaguar made the shocking announcement that it would be transforming into an electric-only brand by 2025, combined with the news that it was dropping the electric platform it had in the works for an EV XJ. In this year’s earnings call, the CEO of Jaguar Land Rover confirmed the automaker would be building its own new EV platform for Jag, and that it’s still on pace for 2025.

JLR CEO Thierry Bollore said during the call that “concerning the new Jaguar, we’re making unique proportion a priority. That’s the reason why at the moment we do it by ourselves.” None of the available options from other automakers were up to Jag’s needs for proportions (key for styling and brand identity) and capabilities. During the call, the platform was referred to as Panthera.

The new crop of Jaguars is expected to compete more closely with Aston Martin and Bentley vehicles than the Mercedes and BMW models it fights with today. That means a smaller lineup, and potentially smaller sales volumes, but to compete with the likes of Bentley, a new level of luxury and capability will be needed. Hence the new platform.

Land Rover will have two new architectures of its own, designed for hybrid and fully-electric models. The first is already under the new Range Rover, and the second will be a smaller version for its smaller vehicles. The automaker is working to commonize components across the new platforms, helping to add scale, reduce complexity, and reduce costs.




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