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Jaguar Land Rover Renamed JLR: Range Rover, Defender, and Discovery will Become Separate Brands

The entity that holds Jaguar and Land Rover will now be know simply as JLR.

  • The automaker wants to become a “house of brands”.

  • This suggests the Land Rover nameplate could be abandoned soon.

  • All four of the brands will become fully electric by the end of the decade.

Jaguar Land Rover, the entity that regroups both British automakers has announced it will rebrand itself simply as JLR.

This is more than just a new name, however since the new entity will regroup four brands instead of two.

This will be done by splitting out Range Rover, Discovery, and Defender from the Land Rover brand, which will be phased out.

This new strategy aims to make each brand target a different set of buyers by increasing the separation which currently exists between the models.

According to the company, Jaguar will occupy the Sport segment while Range Rover will continue to be found in the Luxury market. Defender will sell adventure-focused SUVs while Discovery will be marketed to family buyers who want a premium SUV.

JLR is still committed to its electrification goals, which means all four of the upcoming brands will only sell electric vehicles starting in 2030.

This electrification will be even quicker at Jaguar, since the automaker wants to replace all of its current models by three new EVs by 2025.

This means that while the company already offers the I-Pace electric SUV, this model will not play a part in its plans for the future.

The first next-generation electric Jaguar will be a four-door GT car that should arrive on the market in 2025, the same year the first electric Land Rover will begin deliveries.

This model will be part of the Range Rover brand since it will be the electric version of the current Range Rover SUV, for which pre-orders will begin later this year.

The second electric model for the soon-to-be discontinued SUV brand should also be sold by the new Range Rover brand, where it could replace the current Velar.

In addition to this restructuring, JLR says to expect changes to its dealerships, where a more luxurious experience focussed on the buyer could replace the current business model. Most noticeably, many dealerships could be replaced by boutiques in places such as shopping malls, and those dealers that will remain will not feature traditional offices anymore.

Source: Automotive News


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