Friday, January 28, 2022
News Jaguar Reveals Vision Gran Turismo SV Virtual Endurance Racer

Jaguar Reveals Vision Gran Turismo SV Virtual Endurance Racer

Jag makes PlayStation return with Vision Gran Turismo SV

  • 1,900 hp PlayStation racer

  • Followup to Vision Gran Turismo Coupe

For the second time, Jaguar has joined the growing stable of automakers who are designing concept cars that you can see on your screen at home, but you’ll never see in the real world. The Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV is a digital endurance racer, ready for your PlayStation 4.

Created as a followup to the Vision Gran Turismo Coupe electric concept Jaguar designed for the Gran Turismo series last year, the SV, says Jaguar, “was an opportunity to re-evaluate everything that could improve performance and in doing so, re-think what an electric Jaguar endurance race car could be.”

With styling that is a callback to the epic XJ220 of the 1990s but with a serious look at what Le Mans GT1 cars might look like if the class had continued to evolve after 1998, this is a seriously cool car, even if you’ll be racing it only on your screen in 2021.

Four electric motors deliver 1,877 hp and deliver a simulated 0-100 km/h run of 1.65 seconds and a top speed of 413 km/h. For a virtual car, styling and soundtrack are as important as performance development, and the team spent a great deal of time on the soundtrack, they say, to take it to “another level.” With a 40,000 rpm redline for the motors, the sound builds to a proper racing crescendo on the way to that top speed.

Since aero concerns are real even in simulated racing, this car is 861 mm longer than the Coupe despite riding on the same 2,721 mm wheelbase, allowing it to deliver more downforce, better high-speed stability, and add a deployable rear wing.

“All the aerodynamic features have been painstakingly optimised through cutting-edge computational fluid dynamics analysis – in exactly the same way we do with real-world projects such as the Jaguar I-Type Formula E race cars,” said Senior Aerodynamics Engineer Micheal O’Regan.


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