Thursday, September 21, 2023
News Jaguar will Introduce Three Electric SUVs Starting in 2025

Jaguar will Introduce Three Electric SUVs Starting in 2025

Jaguar will replace all of its current models by three electric SUVs starting in 2025.

  • Jaguar will replace all of its models by EVs in 2025

  • The Three SUVs will reportedly include two and four-door mid-size models as well as a full-size option

  • The brand will move upmarket to approach Aston Martin and Bentley

Jaguar had already announced its plan for the future that calls for the brand to become entirely electric by 2025, but it has now revealed a few more details.

According to the latest reports, the next Jaguar models to be introduced will be three electric SUVs that will be built on a new dedicated platform called Pantera.

This will be a departure from the brand since this platform will not be shared with Land Rover, a decision that was taken in order to allow the designers to keep the distinctive proportions of its cars.

Out of these three SUVs, there will be a full-size offering and two mid-size models, one with four doors and one with only two. These latter products are expected to be closely related but sold as two distinct vehicles by Jaguar.

The changes for the brand will not be limited to the introduction of three new models however, since it said it will move upmarket in order to compete with the likes of Aston Martin and Bentley.

To do so, Jaguar will get rid of all of its current models by 2025, which will be replaced by the aforementioned EVs.

This also means that more affordable models like the XF and the E-Pace are not likely to see successors. According to the same reports, the base price of the upcoming mid-size model could be over £80,000 ($124,800 CAD).

Since Jaguar is a fairly small company, it will not be able to undertake all of these changes alone, which is why it is working together with Magna and Nvidia.

Magna, the company that currently builds the electric I-Pace, will work with the automaker’s engineers on its next generation of EV powertrains while Nvidia will help develop autonomous driving technologies.

The plans don’t mention a future sports car, meaning that the F-Type could be abandoned after its current product cycle but the continuing presence of the automaker in different racing series means that there could be an electric revival of the British sports car in the second half of the decade.

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