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NewsJaguar will Not Introduce new Models Before 2025

Jaguar will Not Introduce new Models Before 2025

Jaguar will be transformed, but not before 2025

  • Every new Jaguar model will be electric, but they won’t arrive before 2025.

  • The current models will all be phased out and replaced by new names

  • The brand wants to reposition itself against Aston Martin and Bentley

Jaguar already announced its entire lineup will consist only of electric vehicles by 2025, but now the brand confirmed its new models will only arrive in 2025.

This means we will not see new products introduced by the British brand in the next two or three years, but the next time a new Jaguar is announced, it will be fully electric.

What is more surprising is the decision to reposition the company in the market. Indeed, Jaguar is currently aimed mostly at the German Luxury brands that are Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi.

With the transition to electric drivetrains, Jaguar wants to move significantly upmarket and become a competitor for other British brands like Aston Martin and Bentley, as well as Italian Maserati.

This move means that we will most likely no longer see more affordable models wearing the leaping feline like the XE that was discontinued recently and the E-Pace.

In order to complete this move, Jaguar will phase out all of its current models ahead of the introduction of their electric replacements and the model names will all be changed, with the goal to created a clear separation between the current Jaguar and the new, ultra-luxurious Jaguar that is expected in 2025.

This move has also put a stop to plans to have an electric XJ sedan on the market by 2020 and plans for a new mid-size crossover that would have been called J-Pace.

The new electric models will ride on a Jaguar exclusive platform that will not be shared with Land-Rover despite both companies being owned by Tata and having shared many components over the years.


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