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NewsJaguar's EV future will get detailed in 2023

Jaguar’s EV future will get detailed in 2023

  • Jaguar will become fully electric in the next few years.

  • We will get more information on the brand’s future in 2023.

  • The first new vehicle from Jaguar will show up in 2025.


The Jaguar brand was among the first to enter the luxury electric segment with its I-PACE crossover, starting in 2018. But, since that first EV effort… nothing! Now, we do know that Jaguar intends to become an all-electric car company within the next few years.

That’s good news, because interim CEO Adrian Mardell revealed earlier this week that Jaguar will soon unveil its plans for the EV era, the brand’s reinvention project which was baptized Panthera. In addition, the CEO also reiterated that the plan is on track and that the engineering investments needed to maintain this progress are viable.

Where it gets interesting for the fans of the brand is that we should learn a bit more about Jaguar’s future no later than 2023, contrary to what had been stated in the past. Indeed, Jaguar’s future was supposed to be unveiled sometime in 2024, but it seems that the British brand’s executives want to accelerate this electric shift process.

“Our intention to pivot Jaguar into a full EV brand remains in place […] We already have advanced models being tested in research in several markets and we will finalize the model lineup over the next three to six months. We’ll start sharing that information, perhaps with a preview, later in the year. You’ll see a first Jaguar product in 2025, and then more products after that,” said Jaguar’s interim CEO.

Okay, we’ll have to be patient for the availability of these future Jaguar EVs, but the simple fact that the JLR group (for Jaguar Land Rover) relies on some divisions of the Indian automotive giant Tata and the expertise of specialized companies suggests an acceleration of the development of the next Jaguar electric models.

What is certain is that Jaguar will have to look at the multiple crossover and SUV categories, because the Land Rover brand is doing quite well with the introduction of newer models in recent months, such as the new Range Rover and the timeless Defender.

See you before the end of the year – in theory at least – for more details on this electric transformation of the brand that gave us the most beautiful car in the world… according to Enzo Ferrari, the mythical Jaguar E-Type (or E-Type in the language of Shakespeare).


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