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NewsJeep Avenger in Europe: 40,000 Orders

Jeep Avenger in Europe: 40,000 Orders

Jeep’s electric SUV, the Avenger, garners over 40,000 orders post-launch in Europe, reflecting Jeep’s successful transition into the electric vehicle segment on the Old Continent.


·      Jeep Avenger receives over 40,000 orders since its introduction at the 2022 Paris Motor Show.

·      The Avenger, awarded European Car of the Year for 2023, boosts Jeep’s market share in Europe.

·      Jeep outlines ambitious plans for electrification, with multiple EVs slated for release.


Jeep, a brand synonymous with rugged and off-road-capable SUVs, has taken a significant step into the electric vehicle European market with its latest offering: the Jeep Avenger. This electric SUV, Jeep’s pioneering foray into electrification, has rapidly gained traction in Europe, amassing more than 40,000 orders since its unveiling.

Jeep Avenger | Photo: Jeep

The brand unveiled its electrification roadmap last year, highlighting three upcoming EVs set for release by 2025. This move indicates Jeep’s commitment to adapt and evolve in a rapidly changing automotive landscape. The Avenger’s debut at the 2022 Paris Motor Show garnered significant attention, subsequently clinching the European Car of the Year title for 2023.

2024 Jeep Avenger EV | Photo: Jeep

Such prizes and the surge in orders have propelled Jeep’s standing in the European SUV market. The brand witnessed a 33.5% growth in the subcompact SUV segment, driven primarily by Avenger sales. This growth rate outpaces the industry’s average, highlighting Jeep’s successful penetration into new markets. As a result, Jeep now commands a more substantial market presence in several European countries, including Germany, Spain, Poland, and the Netherlands. In Italy, they dominate with a staggering 49.9% market share.

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The Avenger stands out not just for its brand legacy but also for its performance metrics. Equipped with a 400V electric motor, the SUV boasts a range of up to 400 km, which extends to 550 km in urban settings. Its fast-charging capabilities further enhance its appeal, with the ability to add 40 kilometers of range in a mere five minutes.

2024 Jeep Avenger EV | Photo: Jeep

Priced starting at $43,500, the Avenger is available in multiple trims. While Europe enjoys the Avenger, the North American market eagerly anticipates the launch of the Recon, another electric SUV, inspired by the iconic Wrangler. Sneak peeks suggest features akin to the Wrangler, including removable doors and windows. Additionally, an electric iteration of the luxury Wagoneer, named the Wagoneer S, is on the horizon, promising impressive range and power.


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