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NewsJeep Europe Boss Wants SUVs, Not Small Cars

Jeep Europe Boss Wants SUVs, Not Small Cars

Jeep wants SUVs not cars

  • Jeep Europe boss doesn’t want legislation to leave out SUVs

  • Response to Renault chief calling for smaller vehicles

It might not be a surprise, but it’s interesting to hear it out loud. The head of Jeep in Europe is bullish on SUVs and bearish on cars. Telling Autocar that “isolated politics” shouldn’t put drivers in smaller vehicles.

“Do you think that customers will leave SUVs even if one politician in Paris, for example, says they will be forbidden? They do a referendum and less than 3 percent of the population comes to vote on it,” Head of Jeep Brand Enlarged Europe Eric Laforge told Autocar.

The exec said “I think SUVs still have a great future because of customer needs.” Namely the need for a higher driving position necessitated by other SUVs.

His comments are seen as a reply to a letter from Renault Group CEO Luca de Meo. De Meo said that the mass development of small cars and taking inspiration from Japan’s kei cars were a necessity for European automakers to evolve the continent’s car industry over the next decade.

Laforge also talked electrifcation with the site, explaining why the Jeep Avenger will now be offered with multiple engine options instead of just electric. “It was necessary to do it in a moment in which we were waiting for the launch of a new wave of new models,” he said. Laforge said that the company needed to have the right product for local customers, and that some areas demanded electric but others wanted hybrid or even pure gas.



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