Friday, June 25, 2021
News Jeep is Teasing Something Grand, New Model Coming Soon

Jeep is Teasing Something Grand, New Model Coming Soon

Something Grand is coming from Jeep. Is it Grand Cherokee, Grand Wagoneer, or something else?

  • Jeep’s planning something grand

  • Might be Grand Cherokee, or new Grand Wagoneer

A teaser tweet from Jeep has us feeling grand, but the question we have is just which Grand is it that Jeep is trying to get us ready for. Is this a finally new Jeep Grand Cherokee, or is this the long-awaited return of the Grand Wagoneer?

Grand: Magnificent and striking in appearance, size, or style. Coming Soon

That’s all the tweet says, in text written over a photo of the Grand Canyon.

Jeep teaser | Photo: Jeep

It seems like forever since the last time Jeep updated its Grand Cherokee, and, in car years, it has been. Way back in 2011 was the last time it was all-new. So we’re pretty sure there’s a new one coming, so could this be the first tease of that model? It’s possible.

But it’s also possible that this is something completely different. While the company said earlier this week that there would be a new next-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee in the third quarter of next year, they also said that there would be some vehicles arriving before that. A three-row full-size SUV in Q1 and the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer making their return to market in Q2.

With the Warren truck plant scheduled to be shut down from late June through early October this year to start the Wagoneers, that means that Jeep is likely to show them off sooner rather than later. Because if they wait much past early October, we might see them for ourselves at the factory. So we think it’s the Grand Wagoneer, which without COVID delays (the Jeep factory retooling was originally set for Q2 this year) could have happened at either the New York or Detroit auto shows.

What do we know about the Grand Wagoneer? Not much, but we expect that it will be a real three-row SUV, and will probably get FCA’s eTorque mild hybrid system. And it will probably have seven slots in the grille.

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