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NewsJeep Recon in Europe : The Electric Off-Roader Targeting Land Rover Defender's...

Jeep Recon in Europe : The Electric Off-Roader Targeting Land Rover Defender’s Territory

Jeep announces the Recon, an electric off-road vehicle set to rival Land Rover Defender, debuting in 2025 as part of Jeep’s European revitalization.


  • Jeep’s Recon, launching in 2025, promises near-600bhp and an estimated range of 373 miles.

  • Stellantis-owned Jeep aims to transition to all-electric in Europe by 2030.


As part of its strategic move to rejuvenate its presence in Europe, Jeep has unveiled its new electric off-roader, the Recon, set to challenge the Land Rover Defender. Slated for a 2025 launch, the Recon boasts a commendable near-600bhp and an estimated driving range of approximately 373 miles. This vehicle is poised to be an electric counterpart to the iconic Jeep Wrangler.

Jeep Recon | Photo: Jeep

Interestingly, the Recon will share foundational elements with the Jeep Wagoneer S, another anticipated release for 2025. Together with the recently introduced compact Jeep Avenger, these additions will expand Jeep’s European offerings to seven diverse models by mid-decade. Moreover, a fourth electric vehicle, hinted at by CEO Christian Meunier, will offer a glimpse into Jeep’s future direction. Preliminary images suggest this vehicle will target a more affordable market segment.

Jeep Recon | Photo: Jeep

Both the Recon and the top-tier Wagoneer S will be among the pioneering models built on Stellantis’s novel STLA Large architecture. While the companies remain tight-lipped about specific technical specifications, an impressive acceleration rate of 0-60mph in just 3.5 seconds has been confirmed for both models.

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Manufactured in the US, the Recon pays homage to classic off-road Jeeps, featuring options like detachable doors and an open-top structure, reminiscent of the Wrangler. Jeep’s European head, Antonella Bruno, clarified that while the Recon complements the Wrangler, they will occupy distinct spots in the lineup, with the Recon catering to a different market segment.

Jeep Recon | Photo: Jeep

Despite Jeep’s decision not to directly compete with Land Rover in the UK and Europe, Bruno expressed confidence in the brand’s strong reputation and its potential to attract customers from brands like Volkswagen and Mini. Highlighting Jeep’s commitment to its 4×4 legacy, Bruno also emphasized the brand’s global ambition: to lead the 4×4 segment in electrification.


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