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NewsJeep Transforms its Grilles into Bar Codes

Jeep Transforms its Grilles into Bar Codes

Jeep and Snapchat work together to increase the SUV brand's appeal to younger buyers.

The Canadian wing of Jeep has found an original way to attract attention via social networks. Jeep Canada is going to use augmented reality and Snapchat to turn the famous seven-slot grille into a barcode that can be read via a smartphone camera.

Anyone with a smart device with the popular app can snap a photo of a Jeep model – or rather, the grille, since each model is entitled to a specific design – and then be redirected to an online shopping experience.

The app’s augmented reality technology leverages machine learning capabilities so users can get more information about the Jeep model they scanned, browse inventory at their local dealerships, build and price their favorite model on, or even begin a purchase process.

“Increasingly, vehicle purchases are being made in the digital realm and it’s a great way for new or potential customers to instantly experience the Jeep showroom at their convenience, learn about our exciting lineup of vehicles, search available inventory and connect with a local dealer,” said William Levasseur, vice president of sales and marketing for Jeep Canada.

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

The Canadian division believes it will improve the automotive shopping process and simplify the buyer’s journey, especially for younger consumers, so they are quickly connected to the right vehicles in their area.

It remains to be seen which Jeep models will be the most popular with young people. When you consider that the most affordable Jeep, the little Renegade, commands more than $27,000 in base trim, you have to wonder if young people have enough purchasing power to access the American manufacturer’s lineup.

However, if the experiment is successful, we can bet that other divisions will follow Jeep Canada’s lead.


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