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NewsJenson Button's Own Lotus Evija Comes to The Quail

Jenson Button’s Own Lotus Evija Comes to The Quail

2,011 hp Evija gets Brawn F1 colours

  • F1 Champ’s custom EV on display at iconic motorsports event

  • Button has partnered with Lotus on Radford Motors project

Ex F1 World Champ Jenson Button will be showing off his own very special version of the Lotus Evija hypercar. The exhibition will happen at The Quail, a Motorsports Gathering, sometime tomorrow.

The all-electric Lotus Evija was already confirmed to have 2,011 horsepower at the event, around 40 horses more than initially expected. That, says Lotus, makes it the most powerful series production road car ever.

But though it’s series production, Lotus wants personalization to be a big part of the buyer experience. Which is why Button’s version of the car is on display.

Button, who won the F1 title with Brawn Racing in 2009, has built a car meant to pay homage to his single-seater from that year. The car is finished in Arctic White with a Verve Yellow stripe and Carbon Black rear. Brawn ran without a sponsor in 2009, and that’s why the car had such a spartan paint job.

22, Button’s car number that year, is on the deployable door mirror housing. It is also on the inside door lining. To help really show off what Lotus can do, the company has laser-etched the aluminum strip between the seats with the date and locations of every one of Button’s 15 F1 race wins.

The interior is white and black with a black headliner, but Lime Yellow contrast stitching adds highlights. The pedals, center console dial, and the start button are also finished in Lime.

If you want one like it, then Lotus probably won’t do it. But they’ll make you your own that can commemorate whatever championship you’ve won. Or to whatever spec you can come up with.


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