Friday, July 12, 2024
NewsJLR to Use EV, PHEV Platforms From Chery Group

JLR to Use EV, PHEV Platforms From Chery Group

Expect new things from next JLR models

  • Next-gen electric Jags and Rovers to use platforms from China

  • Head of Chery group confirmed rumours

JLR will be using electric platforms from China for its new vehicles. The head of Chery has confirmed that Jaguar Land Rover will use its EV architecture and a PHEV platform to build its upcoming models.

In 2021, JLR announced that Jaguar would become an entirely electric brand from 2025 and that Land Rover would be putting out EVs quickly starting in 2024. But then things seemingly went sideways, with Jaguar canceling its EV just months before it was set to start production and seemingly little from the company since, aside from the end of most of its gas models this year.

This new deal could help solve the problem. Chery chair Yin Tongyao confirmed to CarnewsChina that JLR would be adopting the M3X and E0X architectures that it uses under its own Chery-branded cars and its high-end Exeed brand. The two have a long partnership, with a joint venture dating back to 2012.

The site said that Exeed confirmed JLR will use its PHEV M3X modular architecture to help build PHEV models. Cars built on that architecture currently offer more than 1,000 km combined range and have high levels of efficiency.

The E0X electric system is an 800V system for ultra-fast charging, and it can be fitted with air suspension. The platform is currently used for large sedans and SUVs. It’s not yet clear when any potential new JLR models could hit the market, and JLR has not commented on the partnership.



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